Ways The Dreaded Treadmill is like Business

Business is the treadmill, you the entrepreneur are the runner, and hey let’s say that your shoes are your financial stability. That is what this fun little analogy of mine is made up of.


Here is why I believe that business is like a treadmill.

  1. You need to start out slow.


Whether you like it or not, you need to start your business adventures slow and steady. Just like the turtle and the hare, you don’t want to take off on your first try, and face plant onto the belt. I have seen plenty of  treadmill accidents and let me tell you, they are not pretty. Make sure that you are going into your business like you are a beginner on the treadmill. Start at a low-speed, get the feel of what is going on, learn the machine before you take off.

  1. You Need to Invest and Research Into Your Financial Stability (aka your shoes).

If you have crappy shoes and you are running on the treadmill, what happens? The laces might come undone, causing you to trip. Or maybe the arch support is non-existent and all of the running that you have been doing will cause shin splints or major foot pain making it impossible to run anymore. Or maybe they will just fall apart or give out (if you really went cheap that is). Your financial stability in a business is important. So do your research, and make sure that you have a good base before you get out and go.


  1. You Need to Educate Yourself Before Operating.

Some might think, “hey it’s common sense how to run a treadmill” or some might even say that about running a business. But that is very untrue. There are many people who get injured on treadmills because they hop on and think that they can run the thing, and end up turning the speed way to high, and flying off or maybe getting their shoelace stuck in the belt. You need to educate yourself when it comes to running a business too. You can’t just jump in with your eyes closed and hope for the best. It is not safe or practical. There is no shame in picking up the manual, or asking the cute girl at the front desk at the gym how to operate the machine (well, maybe a little shame but less than face planting it in front of her). Same with business, do some research, ask someone who is experienced, or my very favorite option; go to school!


These are my three (hopefully interesting) ways that I think that you could compare running on a treadmill to business. I am sure there are a ton of other ways that you could relate them by going into deeper detail on the machine, but I decided for the sake of your attention span I would cut it short. What do you think? What other ways could we compare business to the wonderful treadmill machine? Or maybe any other gym equipment?


Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!

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