Home Chef Product Review

I personally LOVE to cook. I love trying new recipes, and I take pride in the meals that I cook.

Cooking and creating these meals that I love, takes quite a bit of effort and time. You have to plan the meal prior to making it, you have to make a list, go to the grocery store and come home and prepare the grand masterpiece. It’s easier said then done… Especially if you are a working parent.

If you love dragging their toddler through the grocery store after a long day at work raise your hand high in the air!!! (cue crickets chirping)

Lately I have not had any time to think through meals and my husband and I have had to eat out quite a bit. So I decided to try out the home meal delivery service “Home Chef”.  For those of you who do not know what this is, it is a program that you sign up and pay for weekly and they deliver all the ingredients that you need for home cooked meals. For more information see their website: https://www.homechef.com/

And here is my thoughts on this meal home delivery service:


  • Shipping:

    It came on the correct day, no problems with shipping. I actually was super excited seeing it on my front porch when I came home from work. YAY no grocery shopping for a few days! Best. Delivery. Ever. Also FREE shipping (gotta love that)

  • Packaging:

    It came in a normal cardboard box, or so I thought it was a normal cardboard box, and that made me a little skeptical at first. But once you open it up it is completely and thoroughly insulated and packed with ice packs to keep the meat and produce cool. All of the meals were labeled and packaged separately, that was very nice as well.

  • Quality:

    I was very impressed with the quality of the food. It seemed to be very fresh and it stayed good in the fridge for 3-6 days which made it very nice to plan out the next couple dinners. The meat also tasted very good, I am weird about meat too, I can always tell when the chicken is a little off.

  • Quantity:

    So my husband is 6 foot 3 and weighs 250 lbs, lets just say that his preferred portion size is not small. And well, he was satisfied with the portions. So I would say that the portions are good.One of the meals, the Pad Thai, we actually had leftovers! The meat is a smaller amount in some meals compared to the veggies, but that was okay for me.

  • Creativity:

    The meals were very creative and different from my normal meals. And I love that, because like I said before, I love to cook. I really enjoyed trying the new recipes out, it was a good change.



  • Packaging:

    Like I said in the pros section, it was all packaged separately which made it easy to tell what was what. That was a definite pro, but I did feel like I was throwing a lot of plastic away. Which I mean to some that wouldn’t bother them at all, but to some who hate throwing away a bunch of stuff that might. Also some of the sauces and toppings leaked and got all over and that was a little irritating. They should seal them a little better somehow.

  •  Time Consuming:

    This delivery service definitely saved me time from going to the grocery store but it was super time consuming in the kitchen for a lot of them. I like cooking so I didn’t mind it to much, but if you are looking for a super quick fix this is not for you.


I would say that overall I had a good experience with the product. It saved me trips to the grocery store and gave me good quality, fun recipes to create! I will be trying out the other companies too, so stay tuned for those reviews!

Have any of you tried this service? If so do you agree or disagree? I would love others opinions!



2 thoughts on “Home Chef Product Review

    1. brebchristensen says:

      I really should have talked about the price, I apologize! For our small family it is a pro because we are constantly throwing out food that we only use small amounts of for ONE recipe (For example: sour cream, cilantro, etc), and this service sends you the perfect amount. So we are actually not throwing out as much! But if you make a lot of home cooked meals it might be more expensive. It’s about $9 per meal!


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