The Importance of Teaching Girls Bravery

This post is my review of a recent TED talk that I watched. The title is: “Teach girls bravery, not perfection”, and here is the link to this talk for you to watch for yourself:

This TED talk, is about the extreme importance of teaching girls to be brave. It talks about how boys are taught from a young age that you don’t need to be perfect or act perfect to succeed, but girls are taught to dress properly, look properly and be a certain way. I really enjoyed watching this talk, it held a very important message for me.

I do believe that girls need to be taught that it’s okay to be be brave, it’s okay to be wrong, it’s okay to not be liked, and it’s okay to be different.

Another important part that I love, is when she talks about how girls in the coding classes approach the professor in an entirely different way then the boys do, when they have a problem. Instead of assuming that something is wrong with their code they will approach the professor and say:

“There is something wrong with me.”

That is how we are training girls to think, we are training them to think that if something is wrong, they are the problem. Not the code, the computer, the abusive boyfriend, their boss, or any other factor, but them.

And it goes so much deeper then she describes. Yes, in the business world women do need to learn to be more brave. But they also need to learn bravery from the beginning, so they can practice it in all aspects of their lives.

Imagine a world where girls didn’t feel the need to pour thousands of dollars into the beauty industry every year. A world where girls didn’t feel the need to be perfect. A world where they could go to school and not have to worry so much about being “perfect”, and be encouraged to use their knowledge to try and fail comfortably.

I know that if I ever have the pleasure of having a little girl I will try my very hardest to teach her bravery. I look forward to it, she is going to be the sassiest, bravest little ball of fire out there. And I look forward to teaching my son to respect that and not look for perfection in a women.

Before I conclude this post I thought I would tell you why I chose that featured image. That image is of my little sister, who is the bravest person I know. Maybe sometime I will write an entire post about her!

Anyways, I invite you to watch this TED talks and tell me what you think. What do you think we could do as a society to break the habit?


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