Voting Doubts In 2016

Okay this is a tough subject to write about, for so many reasons.

I personally don’t like to talk about my political views online, because people are vicious online and like to be argumentative about everything.  But this election needs to be discussed because who becomes our president is a BIG DEAL.

Most of us are having a hard time deciding on which way to lean on the upcoming presidential election, for good reason.

And if you are anything like me, you are probably considering not voting at all. And that is so sad because I think that voting is extremely important, and should never be avoided. So what do we do?

Why Don’t You Want to Vote?

  • Extreme Choices

    I think that one big reason that some of us don’t want to vote is because of the extreme nature of the two major parties candidates. On one hand we have a women president that is married to a former president who does not have the greatest reputation, then on the other hand we have a president who is a crazy entrepreneur who is known for his terrible attitude.  Both are extreme, and both are uncharted territory. We have never been in this situation before, and it’s scary.

  • Guilt Over Choosing

    I personally get super guilty and anxious when I think of choosing one. I am pretty right wing, so voting for Hillary is under no circumstance an option for me. I disagree with so many things that she agrees with. But I also do not want to vote for someone like Donald Trump. I feel guilty not wanting to vote, but I also feel guilty when I think of voting for one of those people.

Why we Should Vote

  •  It Keeps Us Aware and Involved

    Voting helps us to care deeply about what is going on with our country. It forces us to weigh the options and put our own opinion out there. It gives us a tiny say in what happens. And that is important, if no one cared we would slip out of democracy.

  • Our Opinion Matters

    If we don’t voice our opinion, then I don’t think that we have a right to complain. Not saying that the end goal is to complain about our president, but if we don’t try to put someone in office that we trust then I don’t think we should be able complain about the results. Our opinion can help others, your opinion is important. It needs to be heard even just in the form of you going out and showing that you support and care about the country that you live in.


I am going to vote, even if I write in someone that isn’t part of the two-party system.

I encourage all of you to research into all of the options, no matter how unlikely it is that someone else could win, vote for whoever you trust the most. Vote for someone, not because you want to be on a winning side but vote for someone you would really want to be our president. Hell, go in and write your own name if that’s how you feel. Just go out and vote and voice your opinion.

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