Don’t Pass That Mom Judgement

If you are a mom, the title makes so much sense to you and you probably already know what I am talking about. So many moms feel judged, and well…. it sucks. We get judged about how we feed our babies, how our babies sleep, how we dress our babies, how we take care of our babies and even about how we talk about our babies.

Are you breast feeding? Are you drinking coffee while breastfeeding? Are you co-sleeping? Are you letting him lay on his side? Are you feeding him baby food ALREADY? Are you planning on going back to work? Are you letting him watch TV already? Is he still drinking a bottle to go to sleep? Have you gone a night without him yet?

All questions that most moms cringe when they hear, because well, they have probably heard other moms getting bashed for answering the “wrong” way.

Why Does Any of That Matter?

Now that question is a puzzler for me. Why do people feel the need to talk bad about moms who are trying their hardest to make the whole mom thing work for them? And especially why are all these negative things coming from other moms who TOTALLY GET how hard it is?!?! It makes no sense, yet I hear it so often, and I have definitely (with guilt) fallen into it before. Is it to make us feel better about ourselves? That is probably my guess, and guess what… It doesn’t work. Putting down other moms does no good for you and it does no good for them.

“But My Doctor Said..”

Who cares what your doctor said. You think that a mom is carelessly risking her baby’s life because she lets him sleep with her, just because your doctor said it’s not good and very dangerous? Before you pass judgement on that mom, step back and think about it.

Maybe that mom is so sleep deprived from working all day and staying up all night with the baby, that she is ready to do anything, including letting her child sleep by her to get a few hours of sleep. Maybe her anxiety is so bad from postpartum that she can’t sleep without having him close to her.

The same thing goes for any other “My doctor” said situations. Every child is different and I think that we really need to be more considerate and aware of it. Some people don’t have the luxury of being able to breastfeed, or do any of the other things that are “best” for their child and I think that we all need to be a little more aware and kind to moms.

Bring Them Up, Don’t Put Them Down

Women have to go through with pregnancy, child birth, stretch marks, post child birth health issues, postpartum, anxiety, weight gain and much more. And I think that we ALL need to be more considerate of ALL moms out there. We are all fighting our own separate battles and trying to make it the best that we can.

If some moms can’t handle being away from their babies, lets not judge them. If they want to chase their dreams, they can still love their kids with all of their hearts, let’s not judge them. Let’s be a little more understanding and a little more kind to these women who are raising the next generation. Bringing those babies into this world was nothing but easy on them, they don’t need to be judged and brought down, even if it is behind their backs.

Don’t you agree? Do you know a mom out there that needs a pat on the back? I encourage all of my readers to show a little extra love to a mom today.





One thought on “Don’t Pass That Mom Judgement

  1. debbybeaman says:

    I love it! Being a mom is so extremely frustrating and hard, let alone when other moms judge the heck out of you.

    I have never been that mom to bake cookies with my kids everyday, and work joyfully on school projects, and sitting around the dinner table laughing over a beautifully prepared meal. No! Flour ended up scattered all over the kitchen floor (they wanted it to look like snow, apparently. We had a second appearance a few months later, but with cheese and it was all over the family room floor). School projects are never known about until about 1 hour before it is due, so that always turned into 1 hour of total and complete chaos. And dinners … we might have 1 or 2 as a family here and there, but the “fend for yourself” happens a lot more in my house than I would ever like to admit.

    The bottom line is – parenting is hard. No one should judge how you are raising your children. As long as they are fed, clothed, housed, and you still have a few hairs left- you are doing pretty good!

    I also did a rant about parenting. Go check it out!

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