Quick Meals For On the Go People | Dinner

Dinner is by far my favorite meal of the day. It is the meal that I can spend the most time making, and usually the most time enjoying.

It’s the meal that I overall, have more time for. Breakfast is go, go, go, and then Lunch is all work during the week, and usually homework through the weekends.

But, still, even though there is a little more time around that time, during the week it’s nice to have a quick and easy meal ready to be eaten at the end of a long day. So here are my favorite quick and easy solutions to the evening meal!


These magical things are a lifesaver! Seriously, what would I do without them? They are so convenient for those days that you know that you will be home at 7, you have a ton of homework to finish and you still have a kid and a husband to feed. Here are a couple of my all time favorite crock-pot creations:

Home Chef

I have talked about this in one of my previous posts, and I still hold true to my review. This service is awesome. It has saved me so much time in grocery store trips!

And although some of them take a little time to make, you are saving time by not making endless grocery store trips every week to pick up ingredients for one meal. It is an all over time and money saver in my eyes, and I would recommend it to anyone who asks! For my full review go HERE.


Do you like to cook but don’t have time? Tell me about it, it sucks! Let’s brainstorm. What do you like to cook and how have you made extra time in your day to cook?


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