Quick Meals For On the Go People | Lunch

Where I work, I get so focused by the different projects that I am working on, that I literally forget about lunch.

I forget about it on a daily basis, and it’s a terrible habit to have. So I am going to start trying to prep and pack my lunches like I used to! Here are a few of my ideas (that I have done in the past & have been extremely helpful) for lunches:

Cold Lunches

These ideas are for people who don’t have a microwave at their work, or just really don’t like to go into the work break room to heat up anything (that would be me).

  • Turkey Sandwich – Turkey from the deli, whole wheat bread, pepper jack cheese, avocado & of course mayo & mustard. (If you are feeling a little bored of the turkey sandwich, I have tried cooking turkey bacon and putting a slice on my sandwich. Nice little change!
  • Turkey Wrap – Same ingredients, but if you are feeling extra healthy try without mayo or mustard and try with hummus or avocado spread. I like to put salt and pepper on it to make it a little more tasty!

These are just a few easy ideas for cold lunches. They are not the most creative, but I have a hard time getting creative with this midday meal.

Hot Lunches

This is not for me, because like I said, I do not like going into the break room to heat up food. I would rather sit at my desk and not socialize at lunch time. I know that sounds so bad, but I go to work, to work. And when I get home that is when I get to take a small breather with my babies.

But these lunches are mostly for people like my husband. People who need that hearty meal in the middle of the day, but also are very busy people.

  • Chicken & Veggies – Okay so this is a weekly meal prep at our house. My husband needs his protein meals. We have been using this marinade from Jack Daniels lately, and wow is it good! So easy too! Here is a LINK to that marinade. All you do is fill the bag full of chicken, cook it, then put it in separate containers with frozen veggies and there you go… Lunches for the week.
  • Leftovers – Seriously no creative advice there! Except make sure and cook more then what you know that you will eat. Why cook a million meals if you don’t have to?

And well, that’s all my wonderful lunch ideas for today. I think that the snack and dinner portions that are coming up will be a little more exciting. I mean, dinner is the best meal of the day! It’s the meal that you can add wine to!

Do you have any quick lunch ideas? Any that you can prep in advance and doesn’t require reheating? Because I NEED some more ideas.

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