Quick Meals For On the Go People | Snacks

Snacks are the easy thing to pack. The important thing to pack!

The thing that will keep busy people healthy throughout the day. I think that my metabolism is hating me right now because of the long time spans with no food, and then the big meals that I eat after.

Snacking throughout the day (small and healthy snacks) is good for your metabolism and is a good step towards proportioned and smaller meals.

My Snack Ideas

  • Pre-Packed  & Cut up Fruit – Grapes are an all time favorite of mine for this reason. They are so easy to wash and throw in a sandwich bag for later. ALSO, for those that are snacking at home, freeze your grapes (I will just say you are welcome  in advance, because honestly, they rock). Also cut up apples are a good work snack, I don’t care for whole apples at work (apple in teeth, eating it is messy..).
  • Carrots – Baby carrots in a sandwich bag, is a great snack for work. Healthy and delicious, and you don’t need to refrigerate if you are eating them in the same day!
  • Crackers- Go to the health food store and walk down the chip/cracker isle. WOW, are there a million options! Seriously, you can choose from all sorts of whole grain treats. And a lot of them are packed with fiber and other delicious goodies. *If you like dairy  I would suggest getting the laughing cow cheese to go with it, I love dairy but it hurts my belly so I try to (unfortunately) avoid it.
  • Beef Jerky – One of my favorite snacks, for several reasons. 1. You can keep it in your bag for a couple days (in it’s sealed pouch) and not worry about it. 2. It’s a salty treat, and I love salty things. 3. It is high in protein! It might be high in sodium and fat though, so keep an eye on that!

These snacks are all of my on the go ideas. I do have some fun, more time consuming ones that I will share with you later down the road.

Now, talk to me. What do you like to bring with you to work? Do you have a favorite snack?

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